Office Consultation
Thank you for the office call... Thanks for your valuable advice.
NW, September 2019

Unpack for Move-In
Thank you SO MUCH for your help! I would not be this far along without you!
KW, May 2019

Declutter Home to Place on Market
Thanks for your services... We will have you back once the sale occurs.
GW, April 2019

Thanks for all your hard work and good advice! Looking forward to working with you again.
RO, October 2018

Move-In Unpack and Organization
This was the best service! Survey results:
- Overall Experience: Excellent
- Overall Professionalism: 10
- Attentiveness to needs: 10
- Knowledge and Expertise : 10
Time Saved by Organizer: Two Weeks
EM, September 2018

Move-In Unpack and Organization
Absolutely outstanding to work with!
CS, May 2018

Move-In Unpack and Organization
Thank you again SO much for the fantastic crew of power women who spent the weekend with us unpacking over a hundred boxes and then organizing our apartment into a livable space. They were amazing!  Professional, friendly, fun, and incredibly hard-working.  We could not have appreciated them more.
SC, April 2018

Realtor Connection/Referral
Thanks Ev! It is a pleasure to refer you.  All the best.
JM, September 2017

Home Sale Preparation and Packing Help
I'll continue to recommend you if I learn of someone in the area needing your services. I thought you did a great job and BTW, not one thing broke during the move! Every dish, every framed photo...everything was in perfect condition...
JC, June 2017

Home Sale Preparation and Decluttering
Thank you so much for all your help.  …don’t even want to think how much more anxiety provoking it would have been without you.   Not to mention, time intensive! …   I feel like I really owe you quadruple that and more!!
DC, April 2017

Post-Sale Home Clean-Out
Very helpful and available… put in the time and effort to get a very complicated job with a home done in a timely manner. Ev coordinated with other resource providers (some of whom she referred directly) and was directive if that was required. And her pricing scale is also quite attractive. …Also very personable.
RB, Dec 2016

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