Overwhelmed by your stuff?

But don't know where to turn...

Get to an organized state!

Let us help you figure out how.

Donate your extra stuff for reuse

We get your stuff to the right place,
where someone else will be happy to use it.

Recycle to salvage usable parts

Items not amenable for donation can usually be recycled,
and we know where to go.

Feel good!

Experience the calm of a neat and organized home,
while contributing to a greener environment.

Declutter in an Environmentally Friendly Manner

Get organized! We'll help you determine what to keep and what to remove, while being 'green.'

Who we serve:
Are you moving, downsizing, or do you simply have too much stuff? We understand that all of these undertakings can be overwhelming; we are here to help you get through them in a non-judgmental manner. Inviting someone into your home is difficult. We get it! We respect the inherent worth and dignity of all people, regardless of their accumulated things.

What we do:
First we sort - keep, donate, recycle - and then we remove unwanted items from your home. Lastly, depending on your needs, we organize and/or pack your important and needed possessions. We provide you with the best fit for donating items while supporting organizations with which you can identify. Non-profits that work with the disabled, the homeless or unwanted pets; or those that have a religious base, we know where to go. What about the more 'difficult' items, such as non-working appliances, stained clothing and expired medicines? We know where to responsibly place these ‘unwantables’ too. Not everything can be donated, so we assist in the recycling process. Maybe you have broken or out-of-date electronics (we all seem to), packaging materials you thought you would use someday, or very old textbooks. R-Cubed will get you organized in a 'green' manner.
  • Areas We Organize
  • Basements
    Can you find what you need when you have a home improvement project? We can help! And we take away your clutter for free.
    Did you know that 80% of people only wear 20% of their clothes on a regular basis? How long does it take you to get ready for work?
    Having an organized kitchen makes you so much more efficient. Save time with your cooking and reduce your food waste.
  • Donate and Recycle
  • Metal Parts
    Metal Parts
    Let your odd metal items be melted down into something new.
    Foam Packaging
    Foam Packaging
    Difficult to recycle, but several companies condense foam for reuse.
    Electronics Disposal
    Electronics Disposal
    Old CDs are shredded and used to make auto and appliance components.

    Community Donations and Reuse

    Extra luggage that you no longer use?

    Help medical supplies get to Haiti.

    Visit Kaehler travel Works at 533 Chestnut in Winnetka.
    Accepting used luggage all year for transporting
    medical supplies on mission trips to Haiti.

    Areas Served:

    Primarily serving Northern Cook County and Southern Lake County within the Chicagoland area, but we willingly travel further if you need our services.

    We uphold the NAPO Code of Ethics to serve clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity, and to treat them with respect and courtesy. We keep strict confidentiality with client information, both business and personal. For further details, click on this link.